Olio del Pozzo

In Umbria, the green heart of Italy, among the gentle hills that unfold between Assisi and Todi, it is possible to rediscover the genuine flavors of an extra virgin olive oil produced in full respect of nature and guaranteed by the Dop Umbria brand.


In the shadow of Olive Trees

At our company we organize guided tours (lasting 2/3 hours) during which you will be able to discover how our oil is produced, from pruning to harvesting. A morning of relaxation, walking through our olive groves, in direct contact with nature.

who we are - our values

From the green and gentle Umbrian hills located close to Monte Martano, a few kilometers from Assisi, Spoleto and Trevi, our company produces an oil that wants to be the protagonist, silent but fragrant, in your homes. A small family-run business that has been engaged in the cultivation of olive trees for 4 generations from which we obtain an extra-virgin olive oil that is enjoying great success among attentive and informed consumers, who demand a genuine product that is guaranteed and certified in terms of quality at a right price, thanks to the absence of intermediaries, which allows us to declaim our slogan "From the farmer to the consumer".


These are the values ​​that inspire us to offer a quality product with respect for nature and people. Experience the pleasant sensation of well-being and sensory harmony with Olio del Pozzo, an extra virgin olive oil that is now a reality in the context of the Italian market, appreciated in all regions for the harmony of fruity, bitter and spicy notes. Production is limited and the oil we offer for sale is always and only the one obtained from our plants. Learn more read our blog

How to reach us

Az. Agr. "Olio del Pozzo" di Bacci Rolanda

Via Putuense 45

Gualdo Cattaneo



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Umbria, oil but not only

Gualdo Cattaneo and its castles

Located in the center of Umbria, a few kilometers from Perugia, Assisi, Foligno and Todi, the town of Gualdo Cattaneo has its strong point in the hilly landscape on whose peaks stand a series of castles of medieval origin which offer the tourist natural spectacle of rare beauty. Vineyards and olive groves harmoniously fit into this context, which are the peculiar feature of the territory, not surprisingly forming part of the oil and Sagrantino circuit. For more information, visit the tourism portal of the municipality of Gualdo Cattaneo .